LISTEN: Erin McLendon Releases One for the ‘Sunday Crowd’

Saints and sinners, unite!

Nashville-based country artist Erin McLendon is back with the new single, “Sunday Crowd.” The rocking, anthemic new single provides a commentary on those who try to keep up the appearance of being holier-than-thou, acknowledging that even the most innocent-seeming people have a skeleton or two nestled within the depths of their closets.

Sonically, the upbeat new single features a cheeky layer of organ (appropriate, seeing as we’re being taken to church). Blistering guitars, steadfast drums, and a shout-along chorus of “hallelujahs” keep us nodding along the whole way through for a song that’s so much fun, it has to be sinful.

Do yourself a favor and join the “Sunday Crowd” below!

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