LISTEN: Will You Like DaChri ‘unfiltered’?

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Anyway, onto the review…

Who’s ready for an unconventional pop banger that flies in the face of the algorithmic gods?

DaChri is coming through to give you what you need with “unfiltered.” The new single was released this past Friday, and provides a strong commentary on the current state of independent artistry, where creativity is often at odds with bEsT dIgItAl pRaCtIcEs.

“This song is a peek behind the curtain as to what artist/entrepreneurs go through in this social media driven day and age,” DaChri said in an Instagram post. “Fighting against algorithms, getting your attention, and always being ‘on.'”. After you do it so much you begin to ask yourself, ‘Do people even like me for me? Do I even like me? Why am I doing this?’ You start to begin to question that.”

Everything about the release of “unfiltered.” is meant to challenge ultra-curated music industry conventions. Vocally, DaChri experiments between rich low tones and falsetto, showing off his range while creating outside of the melodic box. Production-wise, an ominous keyboard progression (vaguely reminiscent of this classic) lays the foundation, leading us toward a thunderous, electro-fuzz barrage that brings the tension to a boil . Even the cover art — a blurry photo of the artist, mid-blink — signifies the weariness many artists feel toward constantly needing to project a picture-perfect image.

“unfiltered.” was produced by TEO and mastered by Sam Moses, and it’s here for you below!

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