Songs You Should Hear: Dark Moods and Crying Wolf

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Anyway, onto this week’s Songs You Should Hear…

Artist: DEVORA
Song: God is Dead
Genre: Dark Pop/Alternative
Why You Should Hear It: Now THIS is interesting! Inspired by Dolly Parton, DEVORA’s desert upbringing, and the ever-persistent dark pop movement, DEVORA’s brand of “Outlaw Pop” comes to life on this title track from her new EP. Our protagonist (anti-hero?) finds herself constantly on the run, in search of a higher power that has either abandoned her, or never existed in the first place.

Regarding the God is Dead EP, DEVORA states: “This EP is all about peeling back the layers of what is seemingly ‘perfect’ and ‘polished’ symbolically within my generation and American culture, and revealing the dark and twisted complexities that lie beneath in a chaotic and neon-soaked hell-scape. Nothing is really ever as it seems, and this EP is an expression of that in musical form.”

Artist: Emily Kidd
Song: Cry Wolf
Genre: Alt-country
Why You Should Hear It: “Cry Wolf” is a dynamic, rocking cut of authentic country music with an important message. The song was inspired by a friend who was constantly “crying wolf” by making accusations and airing personal grievances on social media — and eventually, people seemed to catch on.

In the end, one thing remains true: “if you cry wolf too many times, who’s gonna help you?”

Artist: Summon Luke
Song: Hopeless Rebel of Light
Genre: Alternative Rock/Indie Pop
Why You Should Hear It: Take the wistful melodies of Radiohead, layer in ambient pop and electronic elements, and add a helping of cinematic sensibility, and you get this moving new piece from the Columbus, Ohio native. Equal parts sweet and sorrowful, “Hopeless Rebel of Light” is said to be “a lullaby of despair from a man who is tormented by a ‘constant longing to actualise or stumble upon something great,‘”

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