UMC20: Marching Forward (Mar. 7, 2023)

Hold it right there!

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Anyway, onto this week’s edition of UMC20

Track listing
Anastasia Elliot – Bones
Paige Keiner – Crying in the Drive-Thru
Edgar Loop – Rocket to the Moon
Dear Genre – Dark Hair (Live)
Dirty Heads – Rescue Me
Frankie Orella – Truth’s a Little Mean
Anna Rose – Whatever Gets You Through the Night
Bianca Jazmine – Colder Tonight
2Four – Freak This
BEZ – Lie Detector
Stellan Perrick – Naughty
Lawrence D. – Twilight
Kate Odulukwe – Live and Let Me Live
Jed Harrelson – Less Than a Friend
Rome & Duddy – Good Times
Keith Evan Gay – Good Jeans
Biddy & The Bullets – Storm in a Shot Glass
Kelly Williams – Nothin’ Comes Easy
Dan Kenworthy – I Wanna Be Like You

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