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Picks of the Platzes: Let’s Close it Out!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Musikfest Picks of the Platzes, in conjunction with Your Next Favorite Band. Phillip and I have had a great time sharing our picks and making our way throughout the festival.

This is it: our final picks for 2023. See you out there one more time, Bethlehem!

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Picks of the Platzes: Entering the Home Stretch

The second weekend of Musikfest is officially underway and, for as hard as it is to believe, we’re coming up on the tail end of the festival’s 40th anniversary.

As we’ve done the whole way, Phillip from Your Next Favorite Band and I are here to give you our can’t-miss selections for this beautiful Friday night.

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Picks of the Platzes: The Rain Will Go Away

We’re off to a soggy start for Day 7 of Musikfest. Still, that isn’t stopping us from getting things rolling (and keeping things dry) under the big tents.

Also, the rain won’t last forever, and we expect it to be gone by the time tonight’s Picks of the Platzes take their respective stages.

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Picks of the Platzes: Start Your Second Half Up North

It feels like Musikfest just started. And yet, the 2023 edition of the nation’s largest free, non-gated music festival is past the halfway point.

Your legs may be hurting a bit by now, so we’ll keep your travel to a minimum by giving you a pair of selections on the North Side of the ‘Fest.

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Picks of the Platzes: Staying Dry (So Far)

This evening’s forecast calls for rain in Bethlehem, but the great thing about Musikfest is that it continues, rain or shine!

Start a brand new week with us at the nation’s largest free, non-gated music festival by checking out these shows…

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Picks of the Platzes: Country and Funk!

It’s hard to believe we’re already on the third day of Musikfest! It’s been a wild time at this year’s edition of the nation’s largest free, non-gated music festival — but we’re just getting warmed up!

Temperatures are warming up in Bethlehem today, too. Let’s see who’s doing their part to bring the heat for Day 3!

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Picks of the Platzes: A Lot of Groove; A Little Bit of Magic!

Musikfest (officially) begins tonight! The nation’s largest free, non-gated music festival kicks off in our OG hometown of Bethlehem, PA — and for the next ten days, we’ll give you our must-see shows with a little help from our friends.

Join me, Your Friendly Neighborhood North Side Sheriff, and my good buddy Phillip Reese from Yoir Next Favorite Band podcast as we give you something worth checking out as you make your way to the ‘Fest!

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Music is the Universal Language That Brings Us Together

By Jacquelyn Gomez, Sony Music

Music is the universal language that brings us together! Let’s talk about Latin music, which makes everyone want to become a pro on the dance floor! Bachata, reggaeton, salsa, latin pop, corridos are just a few of the most popular latin genres. Bachata and salsa are known to unite professional dancers around the world including the United States, Europe and Latin America.

One of the youngest bachateros in the Latin industry, Super Joell has made contributions to the bachata genre and of course to music and we can see his thoughtful leadership! Not only is he a Latin artist breaking through with his dynamic dance rhythms, but is currently on tour in major cities in the United States and Latin America.

The young Dominican, born in New York, is a singer, rapper and composer. Joell’s songwriting skills, singing skills, acting skills prove to differentiate him from other artists.

Super Joell rose to prominence with the bachata group 24 Horas, where he served as co-lead singer alongside his cousin Mickey Then, who has written for artists like Prince Royce. Their first studio album, Los Inolvidables (via Universal Music Group imprint Machete Music garnered worldwide recognition, including more than 25.3 million views on official YouTube videos, 31.4 million Spotify streams on Spotify, and nominations for several international awards, including Billboards Awards and Lo Nuestro Awards.

Thanks to the success of hits like “Por Favor” and “Aun Me Pertences,” 24 Horas’ rise to prominence has given Joell the opportunity to grow as an artist and learn from many cultures around the world. Most recently, Joell was a special guest at Romeo Santos’ afterparty in Los Angeles and will be touring major Latin festivals in the US.

What does Latin music contribute to the overall industry?

“I’m pretty sure that Latin Music contributes a lot to the overall music industry,” Super Joell said. “As you can see today, we have all these music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music just to name a few, and the impact that Latin Music has is noteworthy.”

He continues: “The Latin music industry, which I am a part of, has a lot of power. Latinos are the ones that listen the most to music, because we like to party and we love to stream music. Not only can you see the big impact we are making with these skyrocketing numbers in Latin music, but we are fundamental in how music has evolved and the importance our artists have made — and continue making — in the industry.”

Super Joell also notes the rise of Latin artists like Bad Bunny, Shakira, and Karol G to the top of the charts.

“All of them are top artists at a worldwide level on all the music platforms,” he said. “We (Latinos) are one of the main consumers of music and we are very important. Latin music is definitely a major leg to the music table. I couldn’t imagine music without Latino music, and you can’t deny the impact Latin music has made in the past decades, including one of the biggest Latin hits of all time, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s ‘Despacito.'”

Current projects

In 2018, Super Joell released his first EP in the Urban music category, titled PM. The EP was produced by world famous Dominican producer Juan “Xtassy” Abreu, alongside producers A & X (Danza Kuduro, J Balvin, Carlos Vives, Don Omar, Daddy Yankee). Since then, Super Joell has worked as a composer on songs for various artists, expanding his musical repertoire by working with artists such as CNCO, Cornetto, Shaggy, Dalex, Darkiel, and Maffio.

In 2023, Super Joell is preparing to release his new solo album, Mala Mia. The record will feature his new bachata single, “Todo se Jodio,” produced by Mayinboto. The single has already been included on top playlists in the Latin world, including Reggaeton 2023, Colombia Top 10, Bachata Sensual 2023, Pop Latino 2023, Bachata Sensual, Bachata Revolution, La Bachata Mas Nueva 2023, Venezuela Top 10, Reggaeton 2023 Lo Mas Pegao, and many more.

For updates, please follow Joell on instagram @superjoell!

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