UMC Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
Underground Music Collective is based in beautiful Nashville, TN! Formerly, from 2016-18, we were based in Bethlehem, PA before relocating and expanding our scope in November 2018.

So, do you only cover Nashville artists?
We cover artists from anywhere! Although it’s far easier to get to live shows around Nashville, anyone from anywhere can submit music to us for review consideration.

What types of coverage do you provide?
Music reviews, features, podcast interviews, and our very own Spotify playlist. Oh, and we’ve begun hosting events around town, and have some other ideas on the horizon!

What types of music do you cover?
Anything original! Any and all genres are welcome here, and always will be, without exception.

What other standards factor in to whether something is reviewed?
Aside from musical proficiency, production quality is a big one. When we listen, we do pay attention to how a release holds up to its genre contemporaries, in terms of its overall presentation. This means different things for different genres, so the best way to find out is to send it our way!

I’m not a musician, but I’m in the industry and want to work with UMC. How can I do that?
Contact us here and tell us what you have in mind. UMC is for you, too!

My question wasn’t answered here. Can you help?
Yes! Take a trip over to the Contact page and ask it there. Maybe we’ll even add it to our FAQs!